A band called Jamiroquai arrived on Earth in the 1990s, and are led by a young, jazz-infused soulman called Jay Kay, aka the Buffalo Man, aka The Cat in the Hat. He forecasts global success in the shape of over 27 million album sales, Grammy Awards, Ivor Novello gongs, MTV Moonmen, five sold-out world tours and more than 25 years of existence. It starts with the release their first single When You Gonna Learn. It is a hit. People are listening. And dancing. A lot. Jazz and funk are the past and future, and now it is forever present. Sony Records sign Jamiroquai on an eight album record deal. Emergency On Planet Earth is born, and is played everywhere, earning their first number one in the UK album charts. The Return of The Space Cowboy follows shortly after as album two and it hits platinum status. The United Kingdom have become one with the band, and Jamiroquai bond with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and all of Europe. The single Virtual Insanity makes The Americas sit up and watch too, as the music video is beamed into every home, with Jay Kay dancing on a conveyor-belted floor, dodging sofas and defying gravity. Travelling Without Moving is next. The entire world effortlessly celebrates it's four singles, and buys 7 million copies of the album. Music Television are praising Jamiroquai and bequeaths them with a Best Video Award to show their respects. Jamiroquai repay the honour by performing at the MTV awards ceremony. The movie industry is now playing their music, as Deeper Underground becomes a hit single to the Godzilla soundtrack. Its the first track out of the blocks for Synkronized, an album that gives us more dance energy than the entire Isle of Ibiza at 5am. The band are now evolving further with A Funk Odyssey, and the single Little L becomes a major hit globally. Dynamite follows soon after, sprouting more hits and receiving much acclaim, so much so that Jamiroquai compile a feast of hits via their High Times: Singles 1992-2006 so that we can savour every beat per minute. And rightly so, it earns double platinum in the UK alone. The band tour the planet many times over, have 13 Brit award nominations, and are now playing a gig on a modified Boeing 757 flying 35,000 feet above the ground. High Times, indeed. Their seventh album becomes Rock Dust Light Star and makes huge leaps to the top of album charts, and modern day download charts worldwide. Throughout all these years, Jamiroquai's music remains true. They are the future and the past, and have regenerated in 2017 with the brand new Automaton, their eighth studio albumchallenging man vs machine vs planet earth. The record is filled with smooth sci-fi grooves, soulful electro-funk and a throwback techno vibe. From the intergalactic grind of the title track to the handclap disco of first single Cloud 9, and cruising sunshine of Something About You, it's every inch a classic Jamiroquai album, and then some. New arena dates are booked around the globe, and shift faster than a dancing space cowboy on a conveyor belt. Fans embrace their return more than ever, along with a new generation who have found a new love for a band called Jamiroquai. No emergency here then, just damn good music to last a million years. And beyond.
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